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Spring Is Coming

Posted by Tina Johnson on


Spring is coming even if you're still staring out at the white stuff as I am on this 6th day of February, 2022! I am truly not a fan of this although I have been in it my whole life, so I truly know nothing else but I believe I could do without this sparkly white glitter dancing around outside. I honestly try not to rush anything in my life but I do pray for winter to be over on a regular basis.

I do have you some good news, if you are not a fan of winter or just get excited for season changes Spring is coming and is very bright. This year the neon and bright colors are back and all things green is more popular than ever in all categories such as shoes, accessories, top and bottoms. Boho, flowy and oversized tops are huge in fashion right now and look to be here for a stay.  Jackets are coming out strong with a oversized and bright look. You can expect to see pant suits in bright colors replacing dresses at many events. Mini skirts in plaid and ruffled dresses are in it to win it for the casual fun look for that night out on the town! Stay tuned and next week we will bring you a closer look at beach and vacation wear! 


Happy Days until next time  =) 

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